Mountain Bike Races and Group Rides


Eaglecrest Flow Trail Race

We are planning on holding another race up on the Flow trail at the Discover Eaglecrest Day. It's a short but fun fast section, each rider will be timed from top to bottom with best of two runs.

We have done this race the last couple years and everyone has a great time riding together and competing for the fastest run.

Must be a JMBA member to race, sign waiver, and pay race fees. Ages 18 and under must have parent or guardian sign the waiver.

More info to come, cheers!

Discover Eaglecrest day

September 28,  2019!

When: Sep 28, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Who: Men and Women, ages 12 and up

Race Fee: $5 

*must be a JMBA member

What: Best of two laps! Every rider will be timed for the downhill trail, not the climb,  and have two chances for fastest lap. 

See results at bottom of page

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Ladies Group Rides

We will be leading group rides for all the Lady Shredders out there. This is the third year of Ladies rides and we are happy to see them growing and meet new riders! So I'm stoked to be able to lead a few more this summer and hope to get a few more ladies riding. 

Our goal is to bring all the wonderful lady riders in our community together and have a fun, safe, and friendly experience riding trails. Group rides are open to all levels of riders, whether you just started riding trails or you have been riding for years, I would love for you to join. 

This can be a great opportunity if you are looking to challenge yourself on the bike. Maybe that means trying a new trail for the first time or maybe there are other little technical things you want to work on and we can learn together as a group. Its also just nice to ride with other ladies and meet new riding partners! 

I hope you will join us, and if you have any questions feel free to message me. If your interested in being a ride leader please let me know, would be great to have another couple ride leaders. 


Briana and Alix 

Upcoming Ladies Group Rides

Next ride: Thursday October 17

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Ride Location: Treadwell Ditch Trail

Meeting location: Blueberry Hills trail entrance at the end of Jackson rd

Ride Leader:

Alix Pierce

Ladies, fall is here and the trails are calling us! Come join me for a ride through the forest on Treadwell Ditch trail. The air is a little crisp and the forest a bit damp, but who doesnt love a puddle to peddle through!
All you lovely ladies are welcome to join for a fun and casual ride on an easy-moderate trail. 

What to know:  Must wear a helmet and have one light on either your helmet or bike, but both is suggested. If you do not have a light, but want to give night riding a chance, let us know, we may have a light to lend. Be prepared for the weather, gloves and a rain-jacket recommended.

Things to bring with you on a ride; a flat repair kit, water bottle and an emergency snack.

Most of all, come ride, have fun, meet other lady shredders and stay positive!

Remember, its your ride!


Group Rides with Caleb

Join Caleb for a group trail ride once a month. All riders and levels welcome to come out!

Next ride:

Monday, September 23 2019

5:30 pm -7:00 pm

Location: Perseverance Trail

Meeting location: First trail-head for Perseverance trail

Race Results

Eaglecrest Flow Trail Race

Sep 28, 2019