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Mountain Bike Races and Group Rides

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Ladies Group Rides

We will be leading group rides for all women and trans riders out there. This is the fourth year of women and trans rides, and we are happy to see them growing and to meet new riders! 

Our goal is to bring all the wonderful riders in our community together and have a fun, safe, inclusive, and friendly experience riding trails. Group rides are open to all levels of riders, whether you just started riding trails or you have been riding for years, we would love for you to join. 

This can be a great opportunity if you are looking to challenge yourself on the bike. Maybe that means trying a new trail for the first time or maybe there are other technical challenges you want to work on and we can learn together as a group. 

I hope you will join us, and if you have any questions feel free to message JMBA on facebook. If your interested in being a ride leader please let me know, would be great to have another couple ride leaders. 


Alix and Erin


Upcoming Ladies Group Rides

Next ride: Wednesday June 23, 2021

Our ride leaders are out of town currently, but we encourage you to get out at 5:30pm on the Eaglecrest Flow Trail for a few laps!

What to know/bring:  

  • Must wear a helmet.

  •  Be prepared for the weather, gloves and a rain-jacket recommended.

  • Bring water and a snack.

Most of all, come ride, have fun, meet other lady shredders and stay positive!

Remember, its your ride!

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